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Postcard from Colorado

Greetings from the inside of my suitcase!

When you read this, I’ll be en route to France for my first-ever European adventure, and two weeks from now I’ll have all kinds of stories to share…hopefully none of which will involve a dog atop the Eiffel Tower, a la National Lampoon’s European Vacation.

For now, though, I have another adventure to talk about: Colorado!

The Colorado visit was dual-purposed — to kick off the celebration of Robin Hood’s birthday, and to attend the wedding of my friends Emily and Robbie.

For the first leg, Robin Hood had decided that he wanted to go to Pueblo, CO to fly-fish in the Arkansas River. He’d had success there before, and itched for another go, particularly since Albuquerque is not exactly known for its stellar fishing opportunities. He was the birthday boy, so he got his way: we would leave Albuquerque on Friday, stop over in Pueblo, then continue to Denver after the fishing on Saturday.

We arrived in Pueblo late Friday night, and drove to the river the next morning. Robin Hood suited up, got his fishing license checked by the game warden, and picked his spot. I slathered on sunscreen, grabbed a folding chair and the latest Runner’s World, and picked my spot. What followed boils down like this:

Negatives: I forgot that Robin Hood might need to find me on the riverbank, and wandered around a bit. Apparently, tramping around in waders under a hot sun trying to find your girlfriend isn’t much fun. Oops. Also, the fish in that river had all left town. None were biting. Boo.

Positives: The sun was shining. The Arkansas River was lovely. And I got to take pictures of my fly-fisherman!



Late in the afternoon, we called it a day as far as the fishing went, and trucked up to Denver. We had to hustle a little, as we had tickets for that night’s Rockies game, but it worked out fine: we checked into our hotel (the Magnolia; I recommend it), showered, and covered the walking distance to Coors Field just in time for the Rockies to get a grand slam! Okay, so we were fashionably late to the game, but we enjoyed ourselves, and the Rockies WON!!



Sunday: The Wedding.

I’d looked forward to this day for a long time. Emily and Robbie are wonderful people, and a ridiculously cute couple. They fell in love pretty much within seconds of meeting, and they are absolutely made for each other. Plus, I knew the wedding would be amazing — Emily did loads of DIY decorations, and Robbie brewed the beer in addition to making the food [see? they’re wonderful].

Sure enough, the event was awesome. Since it took place deliberately on Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you!), that theme was prevalent. Even the beers had names like “Rebel Red” and “JedIPA”. How cool is that?? The venue, an industrial studio space, was light, airy and perfect. The music — a string quartet for the ceremony; a jazz band for the reception — was great; and the food and beer were delicious. And there was dancing! I can happily report that Robin Hood and I danced with minimal toe trampling.

But the best part? Seeing two really, really cool people launch their life together, while showing that love can be elegant, fun, simple and awe-inspiring all at the same time.

Emily and Robbie: May the force be with you guys, always.


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