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The Plunge

I finally got an iPhone.

After years of holding out, after months upon months of saying “Oh, I’m sure I’ll get one sometime soon,” and then another several months of my brother praising Verizon’s “Sign up for a two-year contract and get a free iPhone 4s” deal, I succumbed.

My decision was actually fairly anti-climactic. There was no last-straw bad experience with my old phone; there was no dramatic march into the nearest Verizon store. I just thought to myself, “Enough piddling around, I’m going to do this,” and then I went to the Verizon website and the whole thing was done in three blinks of an eye. Maybe four.

As I waited the advertised two days for my phone to ship, I felt a mix of excitement and anxiety. Okay, I was getting this cool new phone, and I would be able to listen to music on it and take better pictures and have Google Maps at my fingertips, but it was a smartphone. I don’t have the best history with smartphones. When I try to use friends’ smartphones, I have a tendency to mis-swipe and come perilously close to downloading something illegal. Plus, as documented here, I tend to be wary of technology in general.

Luckily, before my doubts could take hold, I found that magical little slip from FedEx on my door. I went to FedEx, crossing my fingers that no mail hiccups had happened and that my phone would indeed be waiting there for me.

It was. All neatly packaged and shiny and everything.

I wish I could tell you that it was love at first sight and that I was a video-recording, app-downloading fool from Minute One. But that would mean I’m tech-savvy, and Lord, that just isn’t so. We’ve had some growing pains, my new phone and I. I was sorely tempted to take that phone in all its new, shiny, app-a-licious glory and throw it against a wall. As I write this, though, we are on much better terms. I’ve downloaded a few apps that I like [Pandora, I know I’m late to the game, but I love you] and I’ve discovered the splendor of being able to tweet something exactly when I want to tweet it. And the selection of ring tones?? Oh my.

What my iPhone experience has highlighted for me is the concept of Getting On With It. If you know you’re going to do something, and you just keep skirting the edge of it, why not just plunge right in? What’s the hold-up? I know I do this, and a lot more often than I’d like. Do we do it because whatever we’re skirting isn’t something we “need” right now? Is it because we think life is perfectly okay without it?

Doesn’t life deserve to be better than perfectly okay?

Plunging in can lead to anxiety and discomfort. It can lead to a really fierce desire to throw things at a wall. But it can also lead to spontaneous Pandora radio dance parties. And, almost every time, it makes life much, much better than just perfectly okay.

I say plunge right ahead. Bite the bullet. Because that bullet could turn out to be not a bullet at all, but a delicious morsel, and you’ll never know if you don’t try.


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  1. Congrats on your Apple plunge! haha. I’m looking for the first ticket out of Apple-land and I want to get to Samsung land I think…. I gotta wait until Oct when it’s update time.:) have fun with all your new apps and things at the touch of your fingertips! I was quite the trip for me when I finally made the dive 2 years ago!

  2. I took the iPhone plunge in September. I’m not sure how I ever lived without things like GPS. There is even an app we used at Disney World that let us know real time wait times for rides.

  3. Good for you! Just be careful with ‘in app purchases’ because some developers are a bit slimy …

    I have had ‘smart devices’ since the 90s, and a smartphone since ’08 … and tried to drag my wife along for a while, trying her with Android, Palm, Windows Phone … and finally got her hooked on an old iPad, so just over a year ago (Christmas 2012) we got iPhones for all of us (I was on Android until then). Now she is constantly on it for just about everything!

  4. Barbara Cotes said:

    Way to go gurl!!!

    From: Running Sunflower Reply-To: Running Sunflower Date: Friday, March 21, 2014 at 8:09 AM To: Barbara Cotes Subject: [New post] The Plunge Running Sunflower posted: “I finally got an iPhone. After years of holding out, after months upon months of saying “Oh, I’m sure I’ll get one sometime soon,” and then another several months of my brother praising Verizon’s “Sign up for a two-year contract and get a free iPhone “

  5. What I took away from this is that you had 365 new emails??:)

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