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Travel Time

Labor Day Weekend = travel time. I think it’s a law.

Me? I went to Alamosa, CO to visit my sister Erin and her husband Adam. I was looong overdue for a trip up there.

It proved to be a weekend of fun, relaxation (I always sleep like a rock in Alamosa), and a couple of firsts. One of the firsts came on my drive north on Friday night. I left a little later than usual, and wondered if I would see any wild animals as the sun set. Sure enough, I saw a coyote standing on the shoulder of the highway near the New Mexico/Colorado border. Thankfully, he stayed put! The ride was incident-free after that, and I rolled safely into Alamosa.

After a much-needed sleep-in on Saturday morning, Erin and I went for a run and then a bike ride (Adam had a work function). One of my favorite things about running in Alamosa is all the trees. Trees = shade. Shade = HEAVEN. Albuquerque running has its benefits, but I swear, sometimes…my kingdom for a well-shaded path. As for the bike ride, I’m finally starting to get more comfortable on a bike, so that was fun. Even when one of the numerous deer that have made residential Alamosa their home decided to saunter directly into my path. Ever wonder who would win in a bicycle-deer collision? Not to worry, the deer sauntered away before I got too close. Whew!

Later, we went to a fabulous book sale (10 books for $7!), and when Adam got home, we all went to visit “Early Iron,” a vintage car show held annually in a local park. After ogling cars ranging from Ford Model A’s to Chevy Bel-Airs to 1972 Mustangs, there was only one thing to do: watch the “slow cruise,” the parade of the cars up and down Main Street. A light rain fell, but the crowd still cheered and antique car horns honked gleefully.

On Sunday, after another run, we packed lunches, hats and sunscreen, and drove to the town of Salida – another first for me. Salida is north of Alamosa and sits right on the Arkansas River. We parked, poked around some cool shops, and ate our lunches on a bench overlooking the river, where we watched inner-tubers having adventures and…er…misadventures. Entertaining stuff. Once our food digested, we went hiking in the foothills nearby. Good trails (and lots of them) and scenic views. Definitely a favorable introduction to Salida.

All long weekends must have last days, but Monday was a great one. After another good run (you know it’s good when you finish with dirt caked in your shoes, right?) we went for bike ride #2. Lo and behold, another first for me: my first cycling experience with a grumpy driver! The driver didn’t like the side of the road we were riding on, even though we were riding on the right-hand (i.e., legally correct) side. On a positive note, I got solid practice in maintaining focus in the midst of distractions, without crashing or falling. After that, the ride was lovely: long, flat, straight road; cows grazing; sun shining.

I’m back home now, but the sun is still shining, inside and out. Here’s wishing the same to all of you.


One thought on “Travel Time

  1. I can’t get over all the nature you have going on in the US, it makes me so jealous 🙂 and to think that here in the UK I am pleased when I see a squirrel or rabbit!

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