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Tour de Bad

I don’t claim to be a true “Breaking Bad” fan. I watched my first episodes of the show less than a month ago. I enjoyed them, but the last eight episodes of the series are airing, er, NOW.


Solution: I went to the show’s official website and read the summaries for each season. Boom, all caught up!

Comfortably settled in my latecomer’s seat on the “Breaking Bad” bandwagon, I wanted to celebrate. But how? “Breaking Bad”-inspired treats from Rebel Donut or The Candy Lady? Nah. Take the ABQ “Breaking Bad” Trolley Tour? Okay, I love the ABQ Trolley Tours, and I’m sure they do a smashing one for the show, but…nah.

Then, last week, some friends and I were talking about the various locations on the show – Walter White’s house, Hank’s house, the car wash, etc. We were trying to figure out where Hank lived, because it looked like an area close to where several of us live.

We consulted the Internet…and that’s how I learned that I live less than two miles from Hank’s supposed house, and less than three miles from Walt’s.


How would I celebrate my newfound enthusiasm? With my running shoes!

I opted to hunt for Hank’s house first. On Friday after work, I memorized the directions, grabbed my phone (for its camera function), and got to trotting. I had two choices: a slightly shorter, but steeper route, or a slightly longer, more forgiving route. I chose the longer, although I don’t know that it actually made much of a difference. I was running east of Tramway, and as you ABQ citizens know, in that area, steep is just steep. Particularly on an afternoon as hot as that one. But I found the house! Luckily, no one was around, so I could snap a couple photos without feeling too much like a stalker.



Satisfied, I made my way back downhill. Part one of Tour de Bad was done.

On Sunday morning, it was time for Walt’s house. This run would be the opposite of the first in terms of difficulty: mostly downhill getting there; mostly uphill coming back. Not to mention traveling busier, more commercial streets instead of quiet high-country residential neighborhoods. No matter! I was craving an adventure.

Phone once more in hand, I set off, and found the house pretty easily. No one very close, but there were some folks outside about a block away. I feigned a curbside stretch, snapped a quick picture, and scooted along.


The return trip was, as anticipated, a challenge, with a nice looong steady incline. Adding to that pleasure, an off-leash collie decided it would be fun to chase me. Not trusting the tone of his/her bark, I turned around, summoned up what I hoped was a scary voice, and told the dog to go home. That seemed to work. Or maybe the dog just saw a squirrel and got distracted.

The run was uneventful after that, and I and my tired quads made it back home feeling satisfied once again. Part two of Tour de Bad = DONE!

To conclude: both neighborhoods are every bit as mild-mannered as the characters who dwell there would love you to believe.

Gotta go – time to get ready for a new episode!


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