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Bringing the Spice Back

Following the recent retirement of Mr. Posh Spice* from professional soccer/football, and since I love the Spice Girls unabashedly, I feel obliged to dedicate a post to their creed: GIRL POWER.

There are times in every woman’s life (maybe men go through something similar?) when she feels an urge to surround herself with awesome women. I say the urge should be heeded and embraced. Especially when you can’t remember the last time you spoke to those awesome women, much less spent quality time with them.

Such was my situation, and I felt bad. Thus, I’ve been trying to fix it.

I started on Friday night, by going with my friend Meghann to see Dierks Bentley and Miranda Lambert in concert. We ate dinner at Nexus Brewery (Albuquerque people, if you haven’t eaten there yet, go immediately) and then headed over to the Isleta Amphitheatre for the show. We spread a blanket on the grass, kicked our shoes off, drank over-priced beer, and had quality catch-up time. We laughed over each other’s man stories, people-watched, and successfully kept the blanket and our shoes from getting blown away by the wind. Oh, and the concert was fantastic (Miranda Lambert? Now THAT’S girl power!).

On Sunday, my sister Erin and I ran the World’s Toughest 10k. The race is almost entirely uphill, so the name probably isn’t too far from the truth – but we had fun! We ran side-by-side most of the way, in matching hot pink tank tops. She finished 4th woman overall, and I was 5th. One guy in the finish area even commented that we made a good team. We (graciously, of course) agreed.

That afternoon, I had the privilege of accompanying my friend & expectant mom Melanie to Babies ‘R Us to get her gift registry started. Between thoroughly testing various glider chairs — after all, one must be thorough — and the intoxicating power of the registry gun, we both had a splendid time.

On Tuesday, after a quick run to get the workday off me, I grabbed a bottle of wine and sailed across town to my friend Emily’s apartment. Emily and I are Sex and the City kindred spirits, and we had said for months that we needed to get together and have an SATC party. That evening, we finally just DID it. We did the show proud: Emily whipped up some delicious fish tacos and cosmopolitans, and we kicked back, chatted, and watched one of the best TV shows ever for a good two to three hours. P.S.: Texans know how to make a cocktail.

Wednesday was Meghann’s birthday, which of course required celebrating. We met up at one of our favorite local spots, The Barley Room, with another friend, Cherise. We sat out on the patio, drank some Batch 19, inhaled delicious food, and rang in Meghann’s birthday in a manner that I’m coming to appreciate: by just relaxing. We ended the evening by doing what we should have been doing all along – we made an actual appointment for our next get-together. None of this ambiguous “Let’s do this more often” fluff.

Because girl time = good time. And we all need more of that.

* No offense to David Beckham or his impressive athletic skills. Also, Mr. Beckham, if you’re reading this, and have any single brothers, please let me know.


3 thoughts on “Bringing the Spice Back

  1. The Spice Girls were a guilty pleasure for a long time, until I became an adult and decided that guilty pleasures are dumb and that I’m just going to like the stuff I like and be okay with it.

    I am also a fan of girlfriend time! I have been making more of an effort to spend time with my friends, almost all of whom are female, and I always find myself energized and happy after hanging out with them. I’m very lucky to have the friends I’ve got.

  2. Great run! I hate to hear anyone complain about women. You know, the usual thing, girls are bitchy and all that. And its usually women who say it. I don`t get that. I love how we women support one another.Though I`m partial to men too, of course!

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