Opening a Window

One of my favorite days of the year is the first day that I can throw open my living room window. No heater or air-conditioner running – just fresh air wafting in; the first stirrings of Spring. I know Winter hasn’t yet had its last say, and yes, Albuquerque’s “fresh air” does carry its share of dust, but still – it’s just so refreshing.

It’s a rare treat when you get an entire weekend like that.

On Saturday morning, I eased out of bed and shuffled across my apartment to peer at the outside thermometer. Forty degrees! And with the sun warming its engines, this would be my first long run in ages where I wouldn’t need a third layer, or even a head covering. Happiness!!!

After waking up my body somewhat and breakfasting on toast with honey (my new favorite pre-run nosh), I velcroed my fuel belt and headed into the sunshine. I don’t know if it was the weather, or the fact that I upped my Gu intake to two packs, but the run went better than expected. Two days prior, I had done what I call my “semi-long” run of the week, and had been pleased with that. Saturday morning’s distance was 20 miles – a distance that always checks my gut, no matter how many marathons I run. So imagine my surprise when I found my legs actually had energy in the last few miles!

When I finished that run, it was like opening a window for my spirit and legs and brain all at once. Coupled with Thursday’s run, it was a breath – no, a breeze – of fresh air in my training log: that first promise of efforts coming to fruition, that first real suggestion that things really will work out fine.

The good vibes continued after the run. That afternoon, I went to pick up my Pampered Chef order from the party I’d attended a couple weeks ago. It felt like another Christmas! Then I headed over to the Albuquerque Convention Center to catch some of the action at the USA Track & Field Indoor National Championships. I swear, the clanging of the bell for the final lap is one of the most exciting sounds in the world.

After the meet (and after my heart stopped doing its sympathy racing), I met my friend Tara at Zacatecas, a Mexican place neither of us had tried yet. Between the margaritas (I felt compelled to test Kristin Armstrong’s theory on the anti-inflammatory properties of tequila), the yummy food, live music, and the fun that always accompanies a girls’ night out, we were favorably impressed by the place.

And Sunday? The fresh air kept a-blowin’. I slept in, watched an episode of “Downton Abbey” in my pajamas, went to church, and went for a shake-the-legs-out run in (more happiness!!) capris. I thought my bare-calved legs would break into a jig of their own accord. Then back to the track meet, where I got to see the young phenom Mary Cain run…well…like a phenom. So cool.

Eventually, the air did cool off, and I had to close the window. But it will open again soon.

Wishing all of you an open window and a little fresh air, however they happen.



6 thoughts on “Opening a Window

  1. I love Zacatecas. During the summer when they have the windows open, you can ALMOST pretend that you are on a beach in Mexico. And Mary Cain was great to watch! Glad your training is going well!

  2. Having energy in your legs for the last few miles of a 20-miler is certainly something to brag about! During my marathon training, I hated being such a lame-o on the weekends because I was always either going to bed early to get enough rest for my run or too tired to really go out from my run (such a catch-22!), but I truly treated my body as a temple during that time frame. Oh, and lazy Sundays didn’t feel so lazy when I logged so many miles!

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