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Diamonds and Derbies and Playoffs, Oh My!

I’m a sports fan.


My sport of choice in which to participate may be running, but what I watch spans a much broader spectrum.


The NHL playoffs are currently in Round Two. My team, the Washington Capitals, are playing in a series against the New York Rangers. Fingers crossed!


Hockey is a fairly new sport in my heart. I didn’t give it much thought till two Christmases ago, when my dad took us to see a Capitals game in D.C. I don’t know if it was the intimacy of the venue relative to other sports arenas I’ve visited, or the enthusiasm of the crowd, or the stress, but that game begat a loyal Caps fan.


Let’s talk about hockey stress. Of all the sports I’ve watched, live or on TV, mid-season or Game 7 [is there any phrase more lovely and exciting than “Game 7”?], none make me more straight-up anxious than hockey. It’s the puck’s tiny-ness, the game’s speed, and the fact that commentators physically can’t keep up with that speed. As a result you get constantly-excited commentating, and a viewer (me) who doesn’t know what the *&#$ is going on. I think watching a closely-matched Game 7 in hockey without having a heart attack requires ample beer or ample yoga-breathing skills. Ideally, both.


Another sport I enjoy watching is baseball, particularly if I’m actually at the game. Some women like five-star restaurants; others prefer jewelry – I’ll tell you right now that one of the most romantic things a man has ever done for me was take me to a Colorado Rockies game. I love foot-long hot dogs and $9 Budweisers and passing food and money between strolling vendors and seated purchasers. Add the crowd-interaction activities between innings and the crack of the bat and the slightly-odd-but-extremely-catchy organ renditions of pop songs, and it’s GLORIOUS!!


I dabble in watching other sports. I succumbed briefly to March Madness this year when the UNM Lobos (Everyone’s a Lobo!…er, that’s not trademarked, is it?) made it to the tournament. I have a lot of respect for a team that apparently never ever misses a free-throw.


Soccer I admittedly don’t watch much outside of the World Cup, but that, like hockey, can get mighty intense. At least a soccer ball is a bit easier to follow than a hockey puck.


As for tennis, I have to admit something: if I’m channel surfing on TV and come across a tennis tournament, I cannot resist watching at least a couple minutes. I can’t. I get hypnotized. And since reading Andre Agassi’s autobiography, Open, which I strongly recommend, my respect for the game and its players has grown considerably.


Football? I invented a pie in its honor, which I only make during the NFL season. That’s all I have to say about that.


I’m not a stat girl. In the mornings, I flip between the news and Sports Center to see if my teams won. Details and decimals and who did what in the last game, though? Not so much. I can tell you that Paula Radcliffe set the women’s marathon world record on Sunday, April 13, 2003, in London, with a time of 2:15:25, but that’s about it.


No time to worry about that. I have to go wash my Alex Ovechkin shirt for the Caps’ next game.


Can’t forget the Kentucky Derby this weekend! Is it a fashion faux pas to pair a hockey shirt with a Derby hat?


5 thoughts on “Diamonds and Derbies and Playoffs, Oh My!

  1. $9 Budweisers?! Holy @#$%*!!! Running is the sport. Compared to it everything else is just a game. Admittedly some can get pretty exciting, but for me nothing is more exciting than a hotly contested mile race going into the final lap. Thanks for another entertaining post!

  2. I have very similar sports tastes. Except I have always loved hockey (and I’m not rooting for the Caps *ducking*). My teams are Buffalo and Phoenix. Hopefully Phoenix can get to the finals. I love baseball in person and LOVE the NFL and belong to a fan club for my team that meets every week to watch the games.

  3. Yes, it’s totally acceptable to wear that hat with an Ovechkin shirt. Maybe not *at* the hockey game itself since no one could see around you, but I gather that won’t be an issue for you today. 🙂

    That marathon 3-OT game the other night- could you believe that?! I was exhausted just watching it; I can’t even begin to imagine how the players felt. I kept waiting for the cameras to cut to Holtby and show him napping… Good Lord. What an intense game, even if we did come off on the wrong side of the score. Caps have been great in the postseason, and fun to watch, even if I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack every time the score gets close.

    Today is like Christmas -game 4 of Caps/Rangers, the Derby (I am a lifetime lover of horse racing), and the Nats/Phillies game 2 of their series, which was thrillingly decided in extra innings with a walk-off homer on the Nats’ last out. (I’ve recently become a baseball watcher, so this is entirely new territory for me, but they’re so much fun to watch. Well, okay, Bryce Harper is so much fun to watch. But I guess the other guys are cool too 🙂 ) I need 2 TVs to get it all in!

    1. Did you see Game 4? I swear, every game just keeps getting better! I admit I was flipping to the channel doing Kentucky Derby coverage during commercial breaks to give my nerves a break, haha. I could hardly watch the last couple minutes when the Rangers pulled their goalie. Great stuff.

      1. I missed the first period, and about half of the second, and once I got home and was watching, it was a little crazy flipping from that to the Derby coverage to the Nats game as well. But good GOD, I can’t take these close games any more. The announcers are half of the problem – they yell exactly how I feel, and it only exacerbates things! Great stuff indeed, though. Loving the way they’re playing right now!

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