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Ah, daylight savings time: the magical transition into more sun-lit hours, warmer temperatures, the first brave blossoms peeking out at the world…


I slept through it.


No joke. For the first time since I’ve been responsible for changing my own clocks, I totally forgot about making the switch on Saturday night. I blame marathon brain. Luckily, I wasn’t in any rush to get anywhere when I woke up Sunday morning at 7:00. I mean 8:00.


That mental hiccup aside, I absolutely support springing forward. I’ve carped more than once in this blog about trying to beat the sunset during after-work runs in the winter. As of last Sunday? Not a problem! Hooraaay! Plus, it’s been warm enough the past few days to wear shorts while running (isn’t it so refreshing, if slightly strange at first, to feel actual air on your legs again?). Soon, prairie dogs will start scurrying around, and Albuquerque’s beige landscape will become…well, a brighter shade of beige.


Springing forward can mean all kinds of things other than fiddling with microwave clock buttons.  Now is the time of year when people get that tingling urge to do spring cleaning, or go shopping for an update to their warm-weather wardrobes. Maybe their Lenten resolutions are going so well that they start peering around other parts of their lives to see what else can be improved.


At the beginning of Lent, I told myself that for its duration, I would only read things that would make me a better person. Books that inspire me, educational articles, that sort of thing. I made allowances for Runner’s World, Good Housekeeping, and Southern Living – hey, there’s plenty of wisdom in the “Ask Miles” column, and LOTS,  I repeat LOTS, of wisdom on the “Good Enough Housekeeping” page.


Well, *cough*, *ahem*, *blush*, several issues of People magazine later, I guess I’ve slipped a little in that venture.  But I have, actually, been reading some good stuff as well. I read Kristin Armstrong’s book Work in Progress, and I’m currently reading Queen Noor’s memoirs, Leap of Faith. Don’t worry, I’m perfectly open to quality writing by men, too, and would love any suggestions. But as for the two books I just mentioned, I highly, highly recommend both of them. Those two ladies have overcome their share of obstacles, albeit on different levels, and have sculpted truly great lives for themselves. I haven’t finished the Queen Noor book yet, but it’s clear to me that both authors passionately advocate two ideas: 1) Giving in to your gut.  2) Embracing who you are and going for it. As Ms. Armstrong says, “If you skimp or abandon, we all lose. If you approximate your talent, your personality, or your beauty, we miss you. You are desperately needed.”


Talk about motivation to spring forward!


As a new season slides in with its winds, its pollen count, and undeniable gorgeousness in spite of it all, I’m going to keep reading good books. I’m going to buy some new plants for my porch, and see what happens. I’m going to refresh and sharpen my focus on my professional/work life, maybe plant some new seeds there, too…and see what happens.  I might even do some spring cleaning and update my wardrobe. Ha.


Hey, with an extra hour of daylight, anything is possible!




5 thoughts on “Forward!

  1. I enjoyed your comments on inspirational reading. My favorite inspirational running book is John L. Parker, Jr.’s “Once A Runner.” I highly recommend it.

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