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12 Ways to Get Thankful

With the imminent Turkey Day chaos/haze in mind, I thought I would present an Early Edition blog for this week. In the spirit of the Thanksgiving bandwagon, I’ve come up with a list of things for which I’m thankful, and in the spirit of Runner’s World magazine and their fondness for arbitrarily-numbered lists, I’ve come up with 12 of them.   Here goes, in no special order at all:


1)      Scented candles that manage to smell like neither a) delicious food [they make me hungry], nor b) bathroom air fresheners [artificial lilac, sea breeze, and clean linen have no place in my living room]. The candles that can pull that off are rare, and I love them.


2)      Dog walkers who actually control their dogs when runners or cyclists pass them on a path or trail. Suuuure, he’s friendly.  Then why does he growl and lunge at me as though he wants to devour my face?


3)      Gorgeous New Mexico sunsets. Yes, less daylight means less miles when I run, but the shorter days do make me take notice of the high desert sunsets almost every day, and I’m glad of it.


4)      November days that get warm enough to throw my apartment windows open for the entire afternoon. Propping my legs up right where the sunlight hits my coffee table = bliss.


5)      Weekend brunches with friends. Especially when the restaurant is a great one you’ve just discovered, and the friend is a good, sensible one with lots of intelligence to share. Not to mention delicious biscuits and gravy, my recent restaurant-breakfast obsession. YUM.


6)      People who give you a word of encouragement exactly when you need it, and when you least expect it.


7)      Runners/walkers/cyclists who actually return a wave or “hi” or “Morning!”  Sometimes it’s the smallest things that can turn a run from mediocre into good.


8)      Afternoon naps. Period.


9)      The buttery, nutty taste of freshly-baked homemade banana bread. Especially when paired with freshly-brewed coffee.


10)   Men who have disappointed/upset/irritated me in the romance department: they make me realize the enormous value of family and good friends [Okay, this one is a load of garbage. I’m not very thankful for those men. But I’m working on it, I swear].


11)   Holding a friend’s tiny baby and giving him or her a bottle. That focused look on their face is priceless.


12)   Being able to celebrate holidays with people close to you, whether family or friends.


Happy Thanksgiving to all of my family, friends, and each and every one of my fellow bloggers out there.  Have a delightful one!


What are you thankful for?



4 thoughts on “12 Ways to Get Thankful

  1. I am thankful for my wonderful family – especially my wonderful nieces and nephews – and their spouses. And the two most wonderful great-niece and nephew! Love EVERYBODY!!

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