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Smelling the Roses…and Green Chile

It’s been a BUSY past several weeks.  We’re talking “big on cleaning, grocery shopping, packing, traveling, socializing, working through lunch, short on sleep, to heck with the weekly blog post” kind of busy.  Yikes.


But I can’t complain one bit.  Less than a week after chasing cyclists around Colorado, I sleepily boarded a plane bound for Charlotte, North Carolina.  The first friend I ever made in Albuquerque was getting married, and I hadn’t seen her in over a year. Visits just get trickier when folks move back East, so when I received the wedding invitation, you better believe I said “DEFINITELY yes.”


I’m so glad I went.  Jessica and her new husband, Seth, are storybook-perfect, flat-out made for each other, and Jess was practically floating off the ground from happiness. It’s pretty great to see your friends like that.  Not only that, but both bride and groom come from big Southern families — everyone was so warm and friendly, they made Paula Deen look glacial.


Also, Note to Self:  If/when I get married, I will have shrimp ‘n grits served at the reception. Period.


And I’ll go ahead and come right out with it:  I liked running in the humidity. In Charlotte, there was moisture in the air! When I returned to my hotel after a run, my clothes didn’t just have the ladylike dampness they do after an Albuquerque run. They were wet.  They felt more accomplished, somehow.  It was an interesting change going from feeling broiled on a run to feeling stewed. Now would I want to deal with that longer than a four-day weekend?  Hard to say, but one more serving of shrimp ‘n grits and I might never have left.


So Charlotte was good.  And the week after that, my parents came to visit.  I always enjoy having them around, but this visit carried a little something special, because…


I got a new car!!


It was not a spontaneous decision; those of you who have read my blog from the beginning know that.  I loved my former car, Rocky the Corolla [short for Sirocco, look it up!] but decided he had reached retirement age. Plus, I knew that a) I didn’t want to go car-shopping alone due to inexperience and b) in terms of car-shopping companions, I wouldn’t find one better than my Dad.


My Dad, bless his heart, stuck by my side for approximately eight hours last Friday. We visited three different dealerships, went through various test-drives and clever tactics from salesmen, did some thinking, discussing, and deal-making. Thank goodness I had him with me — if not, I probably would have wound up with a Schwinn.


Finally I settled on The One — a Toyota Corolla (anyone surprised?).  My new four-wheeled baby, named Daisy even before I signed the paperwork promising my firstborn, etc. to the dealership, feels reliable and comfy with a touch of sporty sass. I once told myself I would never buy a car with a spoiler on the back, but, well, I couldn’t help myself. I love her!


New car rapture aside, the rest of the visit with Mom and Dad went wonderfully.  We explored places they hadn’t seen before, some places I hadn’t seen before, ate lots of delicious food, and generally had a terrific time.  I freely admit to feeling sad as I waved them good-bye.


After all this excitement came a work week which left me unusually thankful for Friday.  And I’m making a promise to myself, which hopefully has a better chance of sticking if I put it into words here:  to relax this weekend.  To go running and enjoy the coolness hinting at autumn; to breathe extra-deep when I catch the scent of roasting green chiles in the air; to take myself out to brunch and dawdle over a cup of coffee with a book or magazine.


Here’s to exhaling!





One thought on “Smelling the Roses…and Green Chile

  1. Sorry, when I was reading about Daisy, I distinctly read sporty ass. Really I did. But Sass is good, too. That’s what the S is for on the back, Sassy (said with enthusiasm!)

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