The .30 Special

Being around for three decades is kind of a big deal.  I will firmly maintain this, probably till I hit 40.


I have said that I’m a fan of birthdays in general, but the big ones deserve particular attention. As such, I believe that 30th birthdays should be spent doing ONLY things you absolutely love.


A planner by birthright, I had my sights set on a trip to Denverfor months before my actual birthday.  I got clearance for two days off from work to accommodate a four-day weekend. I made a hotel reservation for a place perched squarely on the city’s always-happening 16th Street Mall, reserved a non-economy rental car [ok, so it was a compact, one step up, but hey, it’s a step up!],  and upon discovering that my adopted baseball team, the Colorado Rockies, had a home game on my birthday, arranged for myself to have a seat almost within hysterical shrieking distance of shortstop Troy Tulowitzki  (I said I was turning 30; I didn’t say I was turning mature).


When the weekend arrived, I was ready.  I motored north in a lovely Chevy Malibu, complete with still-exotic-to-me XM radio – hellooo, all-‘90s and all-‘80s hair band stations! – and walked through those Courtyard Marriott doors ready to kick back.  Several things I learned along the way:  1) Rush hour traffic inDenvergoes into AND out of the city, 2) Drivers inDenverturn left on red and honk at confused law-abiding citizens, and 3) Just pay the hotel’s valet parking price. Just pay it.


Shortly after I checked in, I met up with a friend who works in downtownDenver[she works for Native eyewear; go buy their sunglasses!].  We went to a fabulous place called The Yardhouse, where we feasted on delicious burgers and half-yards of beer. That apparently amounts to just over two pints and was topped by a surprise birthday cupcake.  Friends are wonderful.


As for the next day, the official big 3-0? Well, I did spend it doing things I love. I slept in, got coffee and a pastry from a local shop, and proceeded to explore the heck out of that town.  I browsed around a used & new bookstore called the Tattered Cover that reminded me of why I love bookstores.  I walked along a paved riverside path that – joyful gasp!—had sides designated for pedestrians and cyclists.  I scarfed down a tasty lunch at Wahoo’s Fish Tacos. I should probably mention I did most, if not all, of my eating inDenveroutside. Heavenly. 


The day went on. I visited theDenverArt Museum, which admittedly didn’t do a whole lot for me, but to paraphrase the maxim, A Bad Day at a Museum Beats a Good Day at Work.  I visited a brewpub during the magical time between lunch and Happy Hour, and chatted with the bartenders, who attempted to waive my tab because of the birthday thing.   I dropped by the Cheesecake Factory – I told you my hotel was well-situated! – for a slice of white chocolate blueberry cheesecake.  I’d describe that experience, but it wouldn’t be ladylike.


And then…baseball!


On the walk to Coors Field, as I got closer and closer to the stadium, more and more people appeared, all moving in the same direction.  I haven’t had that feeling of ‘Being A Part of A Big Crowd Moving Towards Something Big’ since I walked towards the starting line of the Chicago Marathon.  And the evening did not disappoint. The weather was perfect, I had a great seat, I bought refreshments from roaming bleacher vendors (don’t the peanuts and beer just taste better that way?), and theRockieswon! 


I had considered giving my 30th birthday blog a more philosophical tone, but the truth?  I didn’t spend my 30th birthday philosophizing. If I had thought that much about it, I would have missed something.






One thought on “The .30 Special

  1. Sounds fun! Doing things you love is the best way to spend a birthday. I spent mine at a winery, eating cheese! Bonus points for the cat and dog that lived in the tasting room.

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